April 12, 2012
Invasive procedures for all (women)!

Hilariously, the closest the RISUG people have gotten to international validation is a “$100,000 Gates Foundation grant to pursue a variation of RISUG in the fallopian tubes as a female contraceptive.” WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Oh, because the male version is too cheap and easy, and the point of birth control is to control women's bodies. Right.

Because god fucking forbid men sack up and get over their bizarre fixation with their dangley bits long enough to be reproductively proactive. Oh no, minor discomfort for you? Feelin’ a little squeamish? Let’s force ladies to get poked, prodded and cut the fuck open instead! Totally reasonable.

Get. The fuck. Over it.

The basic outline is as follows: man goes to doctor. Doctor performs a tiny surgical procedure similar to a vasectomy, which about 500,000 American men get every year, except that rather than severing the vas deferens, an injected goo turns those tubes into a sort of sperm In-Sink-erator, and none (that is, 0%) of those suckers come through viable. Fifteen minutes and a bandaid later, man can’t knock anyone up for 10 years, or until he decides he wants to, at which point another quick injection flushes out the sperm-addling substance, and man is just as capable of fatherhood as he ever was. These, at least, are the claims of the Indian lab, which has been running human tests since 1989 and reports no adverse effects, and lots of positive ones in the form of babies that don’t exist.

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    I would to this in a quick minute. No babies, and no more paying for birth control pills (which I now share the cost of,...
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