May 1, 2012
"10. Around Christmastime, I’m sitting on the C train at 86th Street station, and a well-dressed Upper West Side old lady laden with FAO Schwartz shopping bags decides to stick her arm in the closing doors so she can board the train in spite of the fact she’s too late and another train is right behind us. But instead of opening again, the doors remain closed around her arm. She’s wriggling to try to free herself for what seems like ages, and all the other passengers, including me, are beginning to panic that the train will take off with her still stuck in the door like that. We’re all picturing it dragging her along the platform, hearing the awful screams in our imagination. A couple of guys get up and start pulling on the doors, yelling, “don’t start the train, someone’s stuck!” and, just when we think she’s a goner, they finally open. She boards the train, and as she walks over to take a seat, my adrenaline still pumping, I yell to her: “I hope it was worth it!” Everyone stares at me. I hear someone say, “What’s WRONG with you?”"

"Amusingly Horrible Things I Have Said" tournament

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